What’s the first thought when you hear the words Border Patrol? From caravans to cartels, the US government and the media have been using fear to control and manipulate the narrative.

Forget everything you’ve heard (or think you know). Follow BORDER PATROL as we reclaim and redefine the narrative of life along the border


No, I'm from LA. America has dangerous neighborhoods, gangs, drugs, and murders while politicians, special interest groups, billionaires and the SCOTUS are actively trying to destroy democracy. I survived 4 years of donald trump and a global pandemic. America has much bigger problems with racism, police brutality, viloent white supremacist domestic terrorism, gun violence, and locking kids in cages, etc.Ā  At the time of this writing, in the 11 days between masacres in Buffalo and Uvalde, there have been 17 mass shootings in the United States -- that's more than one mass shooting PER DAY -- but please, tell me again how dangerous Mexico is. It's criminal that we subject our children to "active shooter drills" instead of passing sensible gun control laws that that majority of Americans support. I'm no psychiatrist, but I'd bet money that this generation of kids is growing up with PTSD. America needs to look in the mirror.

We don't drink the water in LA. Same goes for Tijuana. Yes, we brush our teeth with tap water, but if you want to drink it, buy bottled water. Most Tijuanenses skip water and just drink cerveza anyway (j/k) šŸ¤£

Tijuana and the Baja California region are a mecca of gastronomic cultures, known for world class street-tacos, mariscos (seafood,) craft beer, wine, and coffee. Mexico bans the use of GMOs in domestic produce and the difference in quality is dramatic when you go to the market. There's no comparison to the garbage we're fed in America.

If you apply the same standard to where you eat in Mexcio as you do in the US, you have the same chances of suffering Montezuma's Revenge aka food poisoning. If a place looks sketchy, don't eat there. Same applies in the US.

In some ways, the response to COVID has been stronger here than in the US. For instance, the majority of people wear masks and you still need to do temperature checks and sanitize before entering grocery stores and crowded indoor spaces. Unlike San Diego, where you cross the border and people pretend like it's over. Many people in the US have caved to pressure instead of trusting Science and the medical community. It's savage.

On a recent trip back to LA in February 2022, my mom mentioned that she saw Mexico was elevated to a level 3 (hish risk for COVID) by the State Department. America has nearly 20% of the world's COVID fatalities. We belong on that list too.

Leave your tia (aunt) at home. It's pronounced Tee-HWAH-nah, although, sometimes you'll find reference to the Americanized version of Tijuana (mostly in the tourist districts, like Avenida RevoluciĆ³n).