Elsoldelrac is a Mexican border-based factotum shaman located and nationalized in the northwest border of the country interested in the poetic of the physical and psychic “occupy” of the human body and mind. It takes place in a context of conscious privilege transiting downtown Tijuana and San Diego. I work with the body and the thought; I seek its total emancipation through the de-construction and creation of languages ​​through plastic, clothing, installation and process registration. I am interested in the body / space / mind / object of art dialogue and the sense of presence that can evoke the evidences of use and time that exist in the poetics of my body of work. My position is from a humanity that yearns for community and freedom. The textures caused by concentrated overpopulation, and the persistence of nature, They are a great trigger of my creativity. I make analogies of the over-protection of our natural person and “our lands”, evidence of construction and abandonment. Together with acrylic, textiles and graphics, I use housing construction materials in the manufacture of my work. Some materials undergo handicraft intervention while others are left outdoors to acquire a natural finish. I am interested in shaping the perception and dimensions of space from an architectural point with my work. My work speaks of the human presence and the humanitarian and inhuman events that exist within the “community.” I see my work as an invitation to the necessary manifestation and rebellion that celebrates change, diversity and acceptance of evolution in co-existence. I am interested that my work be approached beyond the visual and intellectual. Following the idea of ​​an alternative use for art, I work with “interactive” and “utilitarian art” sculptures. My production is a gesture that applauds recycling and at the same time refers to accumulation. The “positive and negative” use of physical and intellectual space.​

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